Covid-19 Policy and Procedures

Download our COVID-19 Response in PDF Format


  • Upon arrival, golfers are encouraged to park their vehicle one space apart from other vehicles whenever possible.
  • Golfers are encouraged not to arrive at the golf course any earlier then 15 minutes prior to their tee time.
  • Tee time intervals have been changed to 7 minutes to reduce traffic in and around the clubhouse.
  • All Federal, Provincial and Civic guidelines will be followed including, but not limited to:
    • Social Distancing limits being capped at 10 people, including staff inside the clubhouse at any given time.
  • Golfers being asked to remain 2 meters apart whenever possible.
    • Washrooms being cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis.
    • Power carts and pull carts being cleaned and sanitized before each use.
    • Sanitation and the disinfecting of all areas being increased with special attention being paid to high traffic areas, counter tops, patio tables and door handles.
    • Social Distancing markers being placed on the floor of the Pro Shop.
  • Power carts will be available for rental
  • Cash will be accepted but credit cards and debit cards are preferred.
  • Putting green pins/flags will be removed.
  • Scorecards and pencils will be available from Pro Shop staff.


  • If you have any of the symptoms of Covid 19,  you please leave the facility as we do not want you to possibly spread the virus.
  • Follow all Social Distancing protocols remaining 2 meters apart whenever possible in the parking lot, pro shop, at tee boxes, on the fairways and on the greens.
  • Wash your hands as much as possible during your visit.
  • Upon completion of your round, power cart users are asked to  remove all debris and garbage from the power cart and leave the key in the ignition in the  “On” position.


  • Golfers must not touch the flag stick when putting and the flag stick must remain in the hole at all times.
  • “Gimmies” are encouraged to limit traffic near the hole.
  • Golfers are advised to use a cloth or towel to remove their golf balls from inside the hole.
  • All bunker rakes, ball washers and towels, divot mix boxes, etc., will be removed from the course. Feel free to give yourself a good lie when in the bunkers.
  • Refrain from picking up golf balls that aren’t yours as you don’t know who once touched them.
  • If using a power cart, please ensure that your personal property, cell phones included, remain in your golf bag as much as possible-away from high contact areas of the auto cart.
  • Portable toilets will not be available on the course.


  • Fever
  • Dry cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Chills
  • Sore throat
  • Muscle pain
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Headache